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Program Schedule and Fees

Course of Study

The VCU Career Pathways: Career Switcher Program consists of three levels. Level I, Level II, and Level III.

Program Fees


The total cost for the program is $5,500 which includes $5,000 for Level I and $500 for Level II.

Level I: The cost for Level I is $5,000. In order to begin the program, $1,500 will be due prior to the 1st weekend of the program (late August). $500 will be due on the first of the month for the next 7 months beginning on October 1. Late fees will be applied to late payments. Additional costs for resources and materials may occur during the course of the program.

Level II: The $500 fee for Level II will be due prior to the start of Level II. 

Refund Policy:

Once classes begin, program withdrawals and refunds are considered on a case-by-case basis. Withdrawal and refund requests must be made in writing to the VCU School of Education's Office of Strategic Engagement. Withdrawal requests are then reviewed by the Executive Director, whose decision is final. Any authorized tuition refund will be pro-rated depending upon the request submission date.

Link to submit Program Fee (Level I $1,500 Deposit):

Link to submit Program Fee (Level II):

*Fees do not include the cost of textbooks, entry assessment, Virginia Department of Education licensure application fees, first aid, CPR/AED training, or fingerprinting/criminal background check.



Now thru Spring 2022     Pass licensure exams and apply to program
June 3, 2022     Application packet due (early submission is strongly encouraged)
Early July 2022     Applications reviewed and invitations sent to Interview Day
Summer 2022        Interview Day and Program Orientation
August 2022     Classes Begin (estimated begin date August 22-26)
August 2022-June 2023     Complete Level I coursework
Summer 2023     Seek employment; apply for provisional license
August 2023-June 2024     Complete 1st year of teaching; Complete Level II Seminars
June 2024     Apply for full licensure


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